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Travel Antarctica cruises in Pictures

Travel Antarctica on Antarctic cruises. The enormity of its ice shelves and mountain ranges invariably heightens feelings of humanity’s insignificance and nature’s grandeur. Antarctica’s peculiar beauty may haunt you for the rest of your days. Antarctic cruises often include South Georgia, Cape Horn, McMurdo Station, Drake Passage and South Shetland. The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic are sometimes included in an Antarctica cruise. No place on earth compares to this vast white wilderness distilled to an elemental haiku: snow, ice, water, rock. Antarctica holidays are simply stunning.

Antarctic Emperor Penguin on a sunny day. Antarctica travel.   Summer night on the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica vacations.   Antarctic penguin group with reflection of icebergs. Antarctica holidays.   Sunrise behind iceberg near Shetland Islands. Antarctica cruise.
Open passage in a sea of ice and blue water on Antarctic tour. Antarctica travel. Close-up of Emperor Penguin on Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica vacation.   Deep blue ice glacier and reflection of iceberg. Antarctica holiday.
Large iceberg with calm water reflecting the beautiful blue ice. Antarctica cruises.   Antarctic penguin group with reflection of icebergs on Livingston Island. Antarctica travel.
Floating iceberg between Livingston Island and Deception Island. Antarctica vacations.   Antarctic cruise ship and expedition near icebergs. Antarctica holidays.   Sunset over a sea of ice near South Shetland Islands. Antarctica cruise.   Emperor Penguins on South Georgia. Antarctica vacation.
Summer night and floating ice near South Orkney Islands. Antarctica holiday.   Antarctic Emperor Penguins on Livingstone Island. Antarctica cruises.   Floating icebergs and reflection of blue ice near Drake Passage. Antarctica travel.   Icebergs and reflection of ice in blue calm water. Antarctica vacations.
Antarctic expedition ship and icebergs. Antarctica holidays.   Summer night and full moon near Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica cruise.   Group of Antarctic penguins in snow storm on Livingstone Island. Antarctica vacation.   Towering iceberg on Antarctic expedition. Antarctica holiday.
Glacial ice, mountains and icebergs on South Georgia. Antarctica cruises.   Adelie penguins in Antarctic scenery. Antarctica travel.   Gentoo Penguin on South Shetland Islands. Antarctica vacations.   Calm blue water reflecting icebergs in all sizes and shapes. Antarctica holidays.
Reflection of iceberg between Cape Horn and Livingstone Island. Antarctica cruise.   Floating Iceberg between Livingstone Island and South Shetland Islands. Antarctica vacation.   Mountains and glacial ice on Antarctic expedition. Antarctica holiday.   Floating blue icebergs near the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica cruises.